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New year, new blog!

I’ve decided to start blogging again – with a new series of wedding advice!

On my website I ask my inquiring brides:

How can I help you? What is currently causing you to be stressed or overwhelmed in the search for your wedding photographer? Do you have any questions for me at this time?

I get amazing questions from asking this, and since I can’t do anything halfway I usually give long informative answers that I hope are helpful!

Instead of writing to 1 person when a lot of brides are likely wondering the same thing, I’ve decided to answer these questions in blogposts!

I’ll start with this question:

“YES. I feel like wedding photography is so expensive. I want to feel like I’m getting good photos for a reasonable price/package. I also feel like I’m starting this search late to the game for my September 2020 wedding.” – Lindsey



Thanks for sharing your pain points! I totally get it. I was married 5 years ago & there is SO MUCH to consider!

While September may be a little ‘soon’ for your market, rest assured that brides reach out at all different times! I am still getting inquiries and booking for this fall & you should still be able to get a lot of great vendors. Congrats on already having your venue, since that can be the hardest thing to find for the date you want!!

  • What are your next priorities? I would recommend booking your highest priority vendors who can only take 1 date per weekend next, then go from there!  For example, your photographer and band can only be in 1 place that day (& I only take 1 wedding each weekend to give the BEST of me). Some vendors can work multiple weddings per weekend due to the nature of their work.



Is wedding photography expensive?

Everyone’s concept of what is ‘expensive/reasonable’ is different but yes, if they are professional, talented, and experienced, wedding photographers price accordingly!

I don’t think anyone should go into debt for their wedding, so I realize that every budget is different! I can’t tell you how much YOU should spend, but what I CAN tell you is that I chose my pricing with a lot of careful thought & planning. 

There are a few things to consider when looking at pricing for a professional wedding photographer who has been in business a while!

  • A lot of people think all they are paying for in a wedding photographer is for them to simply show up to the wedding day with a camera in hand, when that couldn’t be further from the truth for professionals.  There is so much more that goes on behind the scenes!
      • Our TIME– So much time is spent preparing for, planning, and editing YOUR wedding, plus a lot of time making our overall business a success.
      • Countless business expenses associated with providing an amazing wedding photography service. (Then there is the whole category of living expenses.)
      • Taxes are NOT friendly to small businesses. A lot of what we charge goes directly to the government.
      • We have an additional self-employment tax – on top of income tax AND sales tax! It is the worst. (Meanwhile Amazon goes without paying any taxes.. Sorry if I’m a bit salty!) Also there are no benefits or retirement.
  • There are photographers available in every budget, BUT they do not all provide the same client experience & photographs! It important to know what you are getting when you look at each photographer’s pricing. Beyond what is included in the collection, there is also talent, experience, and quality to consider!



What do you get when you book Ashley Schurch Photography?

  • Wedding day coverage with me (not an associate)
  • My 7 years of experience as a professional wedding photographer (plus I’ve not only been a bride – I’ve been a bridesmaid 9 times!)
  • Beautifully edited images (Around 600-800 photos)
  • Film & digital photography, including film & film development cost.
  • High resolution digital images with print release
  • Online gallery where you & your friends easily view & download your images, as well as order prints & frames
  • Preparation for the wedding day to go smoothly – Consultation, custom photography timeline & family portrait list, plus a lot of advice!
  • 1 or 2 photographer option
  • Optional Engagement session depending on your location!
  • I am passionate about printing your photos, so most of my collections include tangible products of the highest quality:
    • Our linen keepsake box holding 100 4×6 prints + a custom USB with all of your digital images
    • Our gorgeous archival wedding albums featuring thick pages & beautiful leather or linen cover
    • Custom album design (made by yours truly) that tells the story of your wedding day. It is super easy to view & approve online!
    • Framed fine art prints that come ready to hang on your wall!



I had a conversation with a bride recently, and she had NO idea how much went into wedding photography. While she could afford it, she didn’t understand the value of the amazing service, talent, and prints she was getting with her package! Once she understood all she was getting, she was able to book the best wedding photographer for her with confidence and without guilt of ‘splurging.’

I hope this was helpful for you as you choose your photographer!

Have a wedding or photography question? Shoot them my way & I’ll be happy to answer them in a future post!

With joy,


NEXT ON THE BLOG: There are 8 questions I recommend asking yourself on your search for the photographer for your wedding!

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