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We have some HUGE news over here at Glimpse and Gather.. I mean ASHLEY SCHURCH PHOTOGRAPHY! That’s right, we have a new name and a new look! While Glimpse and Gather was my first business that I poured my heart and soul into for the past 4 years, and it will always be near and dear to my heart, I felt it was time to embrace my married name to launch my new look.

What’s in a Name?

While before many people thought Glimpse and Gather was a group of photographers working together as one company, Ashley Schurch Photography shows my business as it is: one woman equipped with her calling and passion for fine art photography, design, and customer service, serving couples on their path to the altar, on their wedding day, and on the rest of this journey called life. From beginning to end, I am my business, and I’ve learned there is no reason to hide behind a name other than my own.

The inspiration behind the name Glimpse and Gather still stands- I believe each glimpse is a moment meant to be captured. I strive to capture these candid moments with grace and beauty. I want families to gather at the wedding and join together, united in their love for each other and the bride and groom.charleston engagements photographer

What’s different with Ashley Schurch Photography, and what do you mean by Fine Art Wedding Photography?

Ashley Schurch Fine Art Wedding Photography is Glimpse and Gather refined. I’ve learned so much over the last few years- throughout every experience I have honed my style and discovered my mission as a wedding photographer. I have shifted my focus to all things handcrafted and timeless. I want to focus on serving couples with fine art wedding photography, by creating beautiful images of real moments, through the timeless inspiration and medium of film photography. I strive to make the intangible memories and experiences tangible: capturing the memories and then providing high quality treasures that they can cherish: linen and leather albums, linen print boxes, and fine art portrait folios!

Bride and groom walking with flowers at Outdoor Charleston Wedding

The craftsmen I choose create my linen albums with European linens and bind them by hand, and a local printer creates our canvases and prints on gorgeous watercolor papers. Similarly in my business, I create beautiful images by posing two people together romantically in the most genuine, natural way possible. I stop the moment in time with my camera, choosing my settings to have precise exposure, clean composition, and creamy bokeh.  Next, I edit each image individually by hand to finalize my signature fine art film look, with soft lovely colors,  textures, and expressions. There is WAY more that goes on behind the scenes than clients would ever realize.

My most loved word to describe my images and my business is the word genuine. I want my couples to feel comfortable with me and let me in to their most genuine selves as they smile, laugh, and gaze into each other’s eyes. During the past several coffee consults with potential clients, I’ve asked them what drew them to my images. My heart jumps for joy when they describe my images as genuine, not knowing that is the very thing I am aiming to accomplish.  I want to serve clients who believe their memories are worth investing in, and who will cherish the work I create. Clients turn into friends as I share their wedding day with them.


Film? Isn’t Film Dead? 

I attended the Bliss and Bokeh retreat/workshop for photographers last spring, and have been so inspired and blessed by my time with amazing photographers like Jen Huang and Elisa Bricker, as well as the other speakers and attendees. I was able to immerse myself into what I wanted my business to look like and turn my thoughts into action. Bliss and Bokeh truly made my desire to create with film a reality.


When I take out my Pentax 645n camera or mention the word film, people immediately ask me what I mean. When I say film, I  mean medium format film photography, not video. I have embraced a deep love for film and its timeless beauty.  Even when shooting digitally, I shoot with the mindset and inspiration of film. Film photographers know that each click of the shutter costs several dollars, which means every shot has to be spot on technically and artistically. Being able to shoot film successfully requires an immense knowledge of photography and the ability to get everything right in camera (without being able to see a preview on the digital LCD screen). Each film roll has 16 shots, so each frame counts! I mail my film to a specialty lab in California or Utah, where specialists in a darkroom carefully develop and scan the film. I receive the images as both digital scans and film negatives.

Charleston-Wedding-Photographer-DetailsI love being a hybrid photographer, creating images with both film and digital cameras, because I can choose the medium most appropriate for a particular image. Film has beautiful, soft, romantic qualities that thrive in beautiful light, which makes it perfect for outdoor portraits. Digital excels in low light, fast paced action such as church ceremonies and receptions. I edit my digital images to also have a film look so the wedding images will flow and complement each other. Film has furthered my love for beautiful lovely light, genuine smiles, joyful laughs, and romantic embraces.

Outdoor Mississippi Engagement Session with Trees and Field

*The six images above were captured on a Pentax 645n medium format film camera


What does the logo symbolize?

My new logo speaks volumes to me because it is art- beautiful, simple, and timeless watercolor and calligraphy. Anna of Cast Calligraphy wrote my name in her lovely hand in watercolor, painted the lovely magnolia bloom and ultimately created the refined logo that now represents my business. I could not be more thankful to work with Anna to bring my vision to life: classy and elegant but still whimsical and fun.

I grew up with a love of nature instilled within me. My family would always play outside, feeding cows, picking flowers, cradling chickens, staring into sunsets, and climbing trees on one thousand acres of the most beautiful land in the world. My mom would fill low glass vases with freshly cut magnolias from our trees to grace our family table throughout the summer. I have vivid memories of knowing the world was a beautiful place of love, grace, and family, and that nothing would change that. The magnolia tree was blooming brilliantly as the backdrop of my and Zach’s wedding last summer and the sweet blooms of the magnolias still fill my mother’s vases. The magnolia symbolizes to me the beauty and delicacy of life, fleeting in its length but brilliant in its image. I believe that while earthly memories are fleeting, everyone on earth was saved by a Savior, and that all creation sings glory to his name. I have a need to create art from joyful moments that I can’t get enough of. This is the way that I glorify the beautiful moments He gives to us: by capturing and cherishing the meaningful, authentic, and graceful moments that turn into memories, and for me, into art.

I want every image I take to evoke a feeling of love, joy, and sheer thankfulness at having your soul mate in your life, not taking anything for granted.

Bridesmaids in pale pink and bride and groom at Daniel Island club wedding

What’s Next? 

I have never been more enthused to reveal my new logo, direction, and a little piece of the heart behind the business. To kick off the new name, logo, and look, I am having a booth tomorrow at the Charleston Bridal Show in Mount Pleasant on Sunday, July 26th! I’ve gained what seems like a lifetime of experience since my first show one year ago, and can’t wait to reveal the look of our completely new setup- from our logo to heirloom albums, linen boxes and folios to our locally made canvases, fine art prints, and metal prints! We would love to see you there and meet you in person! I’m booking up fast for 2016 (with only a few dates available for 2015). I will travel to any joyful wedding celebration to document your day!


Want to know what I’m working on now? You can head over to the blog to see my most recent images! The spring wedding season has been filled with amazing weddings, sessions, and couples! Also I’m building an all-new gorgeous website to better reflect my style. If you’d like to follow my artistic journey, follow me on Instagram, Facebook and blog:

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As always, thank you to my amazing husband, family, clients, and friends for encouraging my dream and supporting me on this journey!

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