Alexa and Reed’s Downtown Charleston Engagements

Reed and Alexa are the very definition of class. Both Alexa and Reed are MUSC dental students working on their last year of school and planning a beautiful wedding celebration for next summer! They grew up in neighborhoods across the street from each other in Mount Pleasant and went to Clemson the same year with the same degree, but they never met until the first day of dental school! I had so much fun at their historic downtown Charleston engagement session. We had gorgeous light in White Point Gardens, and though the wind threatened to blow us away at Waterfront Park, you would never know it in the images! I’m so glad the wonderful MUSC world connected us. It’s so nice to have friends in both my MUSC and wedding photography circles. These two are so much fun to be with- from wedding consults and sessions to MUSC events!  I can’t wait for your St. Luke’s Chapel and Wickliffe House wedding next May!

WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-1 WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-2 WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-3 WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-4 WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-5 WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-6 WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-7 WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-8 WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-9 WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-10 WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-11 WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-12 WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-13 WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-14 WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-15 WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-16 WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-17 WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-18
WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-20WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-36 WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-21 WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-22 WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-23 WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-24 WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-25 WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-26 WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-27 WaterFront-Park-Charleston-Engagements-28


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